people who are accustomed to doing research in libraries face new issues when they start doing research on the Internet. Before a book or journal appears in a university library, it has usually gone through a number of checks to make sure the information in it is reliable. For example, if you find a copy of Moby Dick in your university library, you can be sure you are getting a generally accepted version of the real thing. But if you find a copy of Moby Dick on the Internet, you need to give some thought to where you found it, whether the person who put it on the Internet is a reliable authority on the subject (someone who can be trusted not to enter his or her own personal, political, or scholarly biases into the text), and whether your professor will accept your judgment of the reliability of that material.

i had a lot like certain websites was not true and like when i type in a website and it said this was not a WEBSITE .

written by: Michelle rock

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