the jerk blog post :-)

I enjoyed the film because of it was funny and great details. My favorite character is Navin Johnson because he was different in his own way and he had a small house at first and then later on in the film he made a lot of money because he fixed a pair of glasses for a man that is dealing with eye care and Navin Johnson did not know that in tell the man said you can make a lot of money making these kinds of glasses and he o yeah and that would be great some day. I felt that this film was funny and good.This film was amazing and he was funny at parts but not all the time. YES I would watch this again because it was so good that i can watch it over and over again. I would recommend  Alaysia fortune because i know she loves comedy. Navin Johnson worked at a gas station at first then later on in the film he worked making money on glasses ideas. He loves doing most things all by his self. like if i had the things he had at first i would be happy and having a good life.Some dude wanted to kill hem because he was the number that his finger pointed on in the phone book and because why he wanted to kill is because his wife left hem. he found a dog and named it sh*t head. he always loved that dog. and the day he was leaving to go back home the dog growled at hem. and all i could say that it was funny enjoyable and i know everybody. and tumblr_m0w9j86MjL1r9jtdeo1_1280 images (6) would love it. and even my best friend can say the same thing. he would always say he is black and when he is not and look at hem  and tell me where is he black at.


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