The iPhone 5S-Class


The Mercedes S-Class has been the flagship of the German automaker’s sedan lineup since the early 70’s. It’s a car that provides the finest technology that the company has to offer with powerful engines, safety advancements and creature comforts often making their first appearance in any mass-produced vehicle.

The Mercedes S-Class was the first passenger car to introduce airbags to Europe. It popularized anti-lock braking, electronic stability systems and impact crumple zones. It continues to promote new technology with things like infrared night vision and self-driving systems. As the top-end car in Mercedes’ lineup it has the margins and luxury audience to be an ambassador for the brand and for the new technology that wouldn’t be available in low-end models or to other manufacturers for some time.

The iPhone 5S is Apple’s Mercedes S-Class. It features technologies that spell out the future of both Apple and other companies like Samsung…

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