chapter 14 section 1 and 2

section 1:

1. it does by we could buy food and other stuff we need and what we want and money can help us survive in the world.
2.medium of exchange , store of value , unit of account. i think the medium of exchange is some what important.
3.representative money
4.commodity money.
5.specie. is the direct exchange of one set of goods or services for another, there is no difference because they both are basially the same.
7.i don’t think sand could work to make gold and gold would be great to use as money.
section 2: money being printed and the gold standard act.
2.central bank , member banks , federal reserve reserve notes. how much coins and paper money you make and how much they print.
4.its the currency we use today in the united states for mostly every bank.
5. its what we use to look at the top dollar bill.

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